Monday, March 19, 2012

Wake Up America

The citizens of the US remain the most unaware population on the planet.  "Freedom" in the society has been reduced to the ability to chose between Coke or Pepsi, Doritos or Pringles.  In late 2010 we wrote about the groundbreaking ceremony for the world's most state of the art spy facility.  This will be used to spy on the citizens of the US not a foreign enemy.  This week Wired magazine published an interesting piece detailing the project.
Longtime readers will recall that our first comments focused in on the mysterious death of John Wheeler.  Wheeler had publicly questioned the project and spoken out against it on several occasions.

Here is what happened to Wheeler.
What is the lesson here?  If you speak out against the regime you will end up drugged, walking around with your shoe in your hand then dumped into a landfill.  The police will still be looking for the crime scene two years later.

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