Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Government Names Laws

Some are disheartened by our assertion that any law passed by a collectivist government can be understood only by replacing the action word with its antonym. For example:
  • 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act. This law drastically reduced the competitive landscape in food production. Small farmers are unable to compete legally with agribusiness interests. Consumers are compelled to ingest genetically modified foods produced by a select few corporations in the name of supply chain safety.
  • 2011 National Defense Authorization Act. This cleverly named edict sailed through a late night signing ceremony while US citizens were fixated on Ryan Seacrest's Times Square ball drop. Ironically, the bill destroyed 250 years of human struggle in the name of liberty. It paved the way for indefinite detention of civilians in the name of fighting terrorism. Considering the implications of the law should it be remained the 2011 National Attack Authorization Act?
  • 2011 Dodd Frank Consumer Protection Act. Where do we begin? Consumers are no safer. It is nearly impossible to start a hedge fund highlighting an overall reduction in choice for the investor. You are breaking laws even uttering certain words in the finance business if you work outside of the NY banks.
  • The Patriot Act. This one is amazing. What is so patriotic about it? You have to prove that you are not a Jihad warrior to open a savings account that pays 0.50% in interest. We assume when a patriot wants to board an airliner he must be strip-searched by 75 uniformed, formerly unemployed government mules that now constitute the largest federal union.
This list could go on indefinitely but we are only trying to make one point to you the reader. Please, think for yourself. The next time the government proposes action to protect you, give some thought to the consequences of their proposed law. Remember, they live in a totally different reality. They don't share your health care system. They have their own private pension plan. They remain separated from you and are not subject to the laws that they write.

You have a God given ability to use logic and reason in decision making. Consider salvaging this before it is too late.

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