Friday, November 11, 2011


Today we are perplexed by the release of these two stories from Bloomberg.  They were issued within hours of one another.  We have highlighted the time of release so that you can observe this for yourself.

We have repeatedly told you that one of the key missions of this site is to provide readers with some insight into how to regain the ability to think objectively.  Society has slowly convinced many to trade this ability for the perceived safety of a politically correct state controlled utopia that we encourage you to notice does not exist.

Instead of reading articles in the state controlled press and then carrying on with life as if you know the facts, try to be objective and not tied to a certain popular outcome.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Market Cycles

When listening to average investors discuss their experiences, it is not uncommon to observe a regretful tone as they recount what could have happened.  "If I had just sold that last condo in 2007 I would have made $30,000 instead of getting wiped out."

In the US we currently hear this story as people discuss the real estate market.  It was not long ago that the same sad tale was told regarding tech stocks.  Before that, the S&L crisis, black Monday in 1987 and the Nikkei top at 40,000 followed by a painful 20 year consolidation.  Your memory stops there but the same patterns occur hundreds of years into history. 

What if there was a pattern in this series of panics?  What if objective observation showed that there was a time sequence to these events?  While economics set the stage, were these events predestined?  Money flowed into each asset class building momentum.  This hot money flowed in at such a pace that it became an overwhelming crescendo leading to a painful collapse.

There is one man who has dedicated his career and freedom to the study of these cycles.  Initially his discovery brought great success but the closer he got to the top of the pyramid, the more he threatened the men who truly control the world of finance.  To learn more about his story click the link below.