Friday, November 18, 2011

The Lost Art of Asset Stewardship

The mega-banks have assembled armies of "Wealth Advisers" charged with the mission of rounding up all liquid assets located in their orbit.  Once on-boarded, funds are sent to the New York sausage factory to begin their slow yet volatile descent in value.  All of these firms sing the same tune.  If you get to know former employees closely you will notice that heretics are swiftly removed and often find a tarnished reputation difficult to overcome.

What ever happened to forward thinking, seasoned, responsible asset stewardship?  Well, obviously if you demonstrate the ability to think for yourself objectively, you are not going to be the team player that the NY boys are looking for.  Herd thinking has been rewarded so heavily that the financial industry has nearly disposed of all free thinkers.

It appears that there is at least one left and the Wall Street Journal recently found him.  Click the link to view the entire article.


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