Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Follow The Money.....

Why are we fighting in Libya?  Ask the average, well-informed American news watcher and they will undoubtedly answer; "We need to get rid of that awful Qaddafi."  But was Qaddafi awful?  The most sure way to find the answer to why anything is happening is to follow the money.

For 50 years the US had a middle eastern policy that was structured in the following fashion.  Pick a leader who will answer to US demands, covertly assist him in taking control of the nation, then give him the means needed to suppress his people.  As a reader are you uncomfortable with that?  Do you not believe us because 60 Minutes has failed to report this news?

We suggest readers turn off major news networks and turn on their own ability to think for themselves.  Some books that would assist in this process are Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and The Creature From Jekyll Island.  Simple minded future serfs will write off these notions as conspiratorial in nature.  This is not the case.  Deeper analysis will show that your trusted sources for news and information are the true conspirators.  Power, money and control drive humans at all levels of society and the top of the pyramid is no different.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man will give you an absolutely excellent understanding of the petro-dollar's 1971 rise to power.  Monetary history available on this site will help you see that the Bretton Woods accord broke apart on August 15th of that same year.  The rise of the petro-dollar allowed the US to remain in control with reserve currency status.  All petroleum trades were settled in dollars.  Consider Perkins' account of the US Treasury's involvement in the OPEC leader's operations detailed in Confessions.

Due to the outright abuse of the dollar commodity rich nations have been shunning the accepted reserve currency.  China and Russia will begin bilaterally trading basic commodities this year.
So for a moment pretend you are the leader of a nation that produces 2,000,000 barrels of oil per day and you are tired of listening to your US masters as you watch them losing power internationally.  You are a UN recognized sovereign nation and you have amassed gold reserves of nearly 200 tones.  As a smart business man you decide to conduct trade on the open market and not by blackmail of a failing regime.

So again we ask, why is the US in Libya?  What is most disturbing is that we will likely fight to keep power in this region until we exhaust all resources.  The US citizens will never understand what is really happening.


A. said...

very intersting...and conntecting the dots it might totally make sense.

HCHC Agency said...

Incredible. I've been asking what this guy did to piss us off, since the start of the intervention. We obviously didnt have a problem with him before hand, or at least enough of one to send in the fighter jets. Makes sense.

One thing is for sure, we arent over there because "we care" about their people.