Sunday, July 10, 2011

Don't Waste Much Time On This......

At this point it is hard to justify the wasted bandwidth updating rare earth element prices.  As always, we are tracking the blended product mix posted by one of only two firms that will be producing material before the end of the year.  Please do not notice that prices have almost quadrupled since the first of January and are up 8.8% since last week:
                                                                                  July 11, 2011

Rare Earth OxideDistribution200720082009Q4 2010
 Q1 2011
Lanthanum Oxide25.50%3.448.714.8852.4975.87153.00
Cerium Oxide46.74%3.044.563.8852.6277.52159.00
Neodymium Oxide18.50%30.2431.9019.1281.38130.23320.00
Praseodymium Oxide5.32%29.0529.4818.0378.62119.65250.00
Samarium Oxide2.27%3.605.203.4036.5872.75130.00
Dysprosium Oxide0.124%89.10118.49115.67287.85412.902520.00
Europium Oxide0.443%323.90481.92492.92611.54719.205800.00
Terbium Oxide0.068%590.40720.77361.67620.38717.604220.00
Average  Composition 11.5914.8710.3262.1892.84223.16

Again, don't waste too much time on this.  Pandora stock (NYSE:P) is where you should be focused.  But, it will be hard to access Pandora when the device needed is no longer available at a reasonable price point.

Also, the free world has little to worry about since Reuters calmed fears by detailing the massive discovery of rare earths conveniently located 20,000 feet under the Pacific Ocean.

Our stocks lay dying on the floor of the exchange as the value of their deposits soar to record highs.  Last week one of the picks in our copyrighted Rare Earth Research Report came out with an updated feasibility study that included longer mine life, a larger deposit and higher output prices causing the stock to sink.

At this time we would like to remind readers that we got to the party pretty early.  It will not be jumping until later.  Be patient and enjoy yourself.

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Brett Heath said...

Hahahaha, that was awesome. Markets love to test your patience...