Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Drug Are Americans Taking & How Can We Get Some?

Better question is will the dealer take fiat paper currency for it?

What drug are the citizens of the United States on?  Watching a mainstream news program and having discussions with sophisticated citizens causes us to think we are the only one not enjoying the trip.  Politicians are generating record television ratings fighting over cuts of $1mil here and there.  Anyone proposing even $1bil in cuts is now called a renegade, a savior even a patriot that cares for the future of the great country.  The future?  This is insanity.

The US is running deficits of over $1.6 trillion a year and it's citizens can't make the connection that cutting $30-40 billion is a rounding error.  The citizens have been effectively brainwashed.  The education system has bred out any ability to use rational or logical thought in making a decision.  People are so worried about being politically correct and liked that rational thought is no longer seen as anything other than conspiracy oriented.

This is an absolute disaster and we offer no solution other than urging readers to SEEK SHELTER NOW!  The tornados that ripped apart the southeast should serve as metaphor for what lies ahead.  Purchasing physical gold could be the only possible way to avoid facing the black cloud brewing on the horizon.

What Is Debt? 

Debt is the key to the modern financial system in its current form.  The danger in using debt is that humans tend to make less calculated decisions when spending money that has not been earned.  This is the case even when the borrower agrees to be liable for future obligations.  There is always effort exchanged for money when it changes hands.  If the transactions involves a day of labor or an intellectual concept that improves efficiency, either transaction involves currency traded for something.  The payment is earned.  When this earned payment is then used in a future transaction, the memory of that effort precludes the spender from wasting the money.

Modern Day Slavery

The debtor is the slave of the creditor.  Loan sharks, while using primitive tactics, offer an example of how powerful debt can be.  The best way to control an asset is to have it pledged as collateral in a loan to the over-leveraged owner.  Once the owner is not able to service the loan the asset is seized.

This can also become the case in over-leveraged corporations.  When a company carries a heavy debt burden and sales begin to decline shorter term debt is often used to meet cash needs.  This behavior seems logical at first but as time passes only objective outside observers can see the actual peril the company faces.  Savvy investors will begin to purchase old debt at a steep discount to face value.  When the company files for bankruptcy protection these creditors take control of the company's assets.

How This Relates To Current Conditions

There is no acceptable explanation for the current financial situation facing the modern world.  Debt has been assumed in quantities so large that repayment has become impossible.  Central banks are purchasing debt from the treasuries of their host countries.

Ireland provides a wonderful example of how serious the problem is.  Unaware citizens allowed bankers and politicians to use the country as a financial brothel for several years.  Once credit began to dry up the bankers demanded that the politicians bail them out using a loans from other banks and the EU.  When this trade is examined, the same banks that caused the problem bailed out the country with more debt.  This is madness. Why are the citizens not torching government buildings?  The profits from this behavior were privatized and the losses are being socialized.  How long will it take these idiots to realize what is happening to them?  They are accepting austerity measures, tax increases and reductions in service while the banks are repaid in full for their paper losses.

The situation in Greece is similar but at least the Greeks are upset about it.  Spain and Portugal are next.  Africa has been bribed and enslaved but no one cares about that.

The United States will face justice that economic law promises no one can avoid.  The dollar has been abused and destroyed.  The citizens of the United States have voluntarily abandoned their freedom and liberty.  Installing a window in your home requires several visits from inspectors and permit departments while 1 in 5 adults are unemployed.  Health care legislation is passed without giving anyone coverage but requires documentation of all gold and silver transactions.  Everyone wants the government to meet their needs at someone else's expense.  We exchanged our freedom for a promise that someone else would be responsible for our needs.

Every part of life in the US is regulated so tightly that resourceful citizens are barely able to function.  The only sector that receives a pass is the financial cartel who through debt controls the politicians.  This group will profit from the demise of the currency and then be involved in creating a replacement.

How To Protect Yourself

There is really only one way to protect wealth from what is coming.  Purchasing physical gold is an excellent way to get rid of worthless paper currency.  Gold is not a commodity, it is money.  It has always been money and always will be money.  The current spot price of $1,500/oz should be seen as cheap.  $3,000-5,000 is the current intrinsic value.  There is no need to label that statement as conspiracy talk, just take paper money and buy physical gold while you can.

At some time there will be an effort to get the gold back from the citizens.  This happened in 1933 and it will happen again.
1933 Gold Confiscation Notice Verticle

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