Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Happened To John Wheeler?

posted 2-20-11
If your daily news comes from one of the 5 sources of record in the US then you have not heard of John Wheeler.  He was a decorated member of the armed services and held positions in several presidential administrations.  What he should not have done is speak out about the new internet surveillance facility being built at Camp Williams in Utah.  I am sure you have not heard about that either so here is a credible link with a description:
One thing that is absolutely hilarious is towards the bottom of that article is says:
Federal regulations require that 70 percent of subcontractors qualify as minority, disadvantaged or small businesses.”
What is so funny to me is that America is the only country that would build a giant facility to choke off their own people’s access to information and free speech, telling those people that it is for their own safety and then require that 70% of the labor be sourced from disabled or disadvantaged workers!  What ever happened to the concept of giving the job to the most qualified or the lowest bidder?  
Anyway, here is more information on Wheeler’s death:
I am sure the link will be removed soon due to the new net neutrality law but I encourage you to think for yourself on this one.  There are also some pretty hilarious spin stories that have been put out by the authorities like, “He climbed into the dumpster to get out of the elements.”  Yeah, that makes sense because I see successful business men all the time that are cold and tired and get into a dumpster for warmth.
Think for yourself.

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