Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nothing to see here......Move Along.....Papers Please Sir

Cotton hits $2.11/lb

I am so tired of these speculators and also these negative pessimistic people who don't give the banking cartel any credit for saving the world from disaster. They had to create all that currency or we would have all been doomed. Paying $15/pair for socks is the least we can do to thank them. Good thing Net Neutrality will keep us safe from posts like this that try to put a negative spin on everything.

Also, CPI is now calculated using WTI so no increase there and excluding cotton. So basically, CPI = Cost of everything except corn, wheat, orange juice, coffee, meat, soy beans, oil except for WTI, all clothing. Pretty much it is just rental equivalent, that is CPI. But consider this, no one can really get a loan now unless they are a physician or a lawyer or work for a giant company and really most of those people are upside down in their homes so they are out. So, the rental pool is growing like crazy (I would like to think that I saw this coming but maybe it was an accident that I bought a bunch of cribs to house these people....side note, I am renting the same place back to them that I paid $0.10 on the dollar for but that is ok) So, when rents go up we will take that out too.

At the end of the dollar's time in history CPI will be just condoms and pine straw. That will be how they calculate it, they will use the last two things on earth that don't demand more fiat, because if hey have to give a COLA increase to anyone on entitlements, which means everyone, they will enter the rate rise feedback loop and game over.

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