Monday, January 10, 2011

Listen Sheep....Buy the dip.....

Buy the DIP sheep.....what don't you understand about that? BUY THE DIP

Lets look at the facts;
  • There are no jobs
  • There is no attractive industry deserving of capital other than maybe a debt collection firm
  • There are no attractive equity offerings other than pump & dump schemes like companies that mail DVDs to sheep via the USPS and EVERY insider has liquidated all of their stock on the moronic rise to over 70x earnings
  • There have been several trillion dollars created and there appears to be nothing to show for it
  • Bankrupt municipalities are making it virtually impossible to operate and avoid their desperate quest to asses fines and fees on any productive citizen
While you can still purchase metal in physical form it seems to be the only logical use for paper currency. But, beware of that market too. Be prepared to produce your government issued ID card to be scanned into the brokers database. Go ahead and ask them why but I will tell you now. Homeland Security came to all brokers and threatened to sue them out of existence if they do not keep detailed contact information for every transaction. Why? Terrorists are likely to trade in the precious metals market. Really? The same Masad agents that posed as art students while they painted thermite on the steel beams of several vacant floors of the world trade center? Those guys? Yeah, you are right, we wouldn't want them to be buying any precious metals, that makes sense. It is amazing how people just accept the controls and slow usurpation of rights.

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