Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inaugural Post by Tin Foil Hat Monkey

Now I’m beginning to see how he is probably a private sector agent of the Cartel (having been a former insider) performing critical monetary psy-ops via the blogosphere and KWN.

You can follow along with the PDF of slides, too.  Raises a number of questions/thoughts for discussion:

1. How does he know the US has any gold left in Ft. Knox and West Point after the Cartel/Treasury leasing/swapping operations under Gibsons Paradox that GATA has reported on incessantly?

2. If we do have any gold left and we try to do as Rickards says by devaluing USD vs. our dominant gold reserves position to a non-deflationary level ($5K+), won’t China just use REE as money (as they are now doing), and Russia/OPEC use oil as money, which gets us to a real “beggar thy neighbor” conundrum not with paper currencies but with real money/money substitutes, two of which happen to be critical resource inputs for modern civilization?

To me, it all comes back to gold, oil, and rare earths being used as geo-political weapons which will probably lead to a shooting war with China once we collapse their export model.


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